Production process of CARBON DRY (= Dry carbon) is totally different from making ordinal carbon products. Special facilities that included vacuum equipment and high-temperature appliance are absolutely imperative. Also material, called prepreg, is very delicate so that should keep in the cold storage chamber until just before making.

Also coating technique is very important part of our process. Normally dry carbon products are not coated because most of sake is lightweight and not needed durability such as racing machines. But uncoated dry carbon is very weakened by ultraviolet. So if the dry carbon products use on the usual day, it must be coated. At the same time, the weight will be got heavier but we have resolved particular kind of method. Our CARBON DRY is still lighter than other dry carbon even coated.

Extremely Lightweight
Our CARON DRY products are incredible light. Because we have own facilities and process of manufacture is on of a kind.

Combined Carbon Dry to Honeycomb is more strength
Sandwich honeycomb construction between CARBON DRY makes much more strength. This method is well known like Formula 1 body or aircraft parts.

Example ; Crank case cover for Kawasaki ZR1100
Car ; Toyota Hiace Axle load is approx 600kg ( 1,322lb)

Original Design
We develop CARBON DRY from the design to shaping unalterably in our factory. Especially we always try to make a design that makes much beautiful based on the modeling balance. So it’s unique.

Which do you prefer GLOSS coating or MAT coating?
We have 2 types of coating. Dry carbon products are quite weakened by ultraviolet. Racing machines don’t care about it so much but street use is needed durability. So we have decided to coat our CARBON DRY products.

GLOSS coating is glossy finished. Textile pattern is shown up deeply and elegant by GLOSS coating. MAT coating is very thin clear so that looks like no coated as racing products like a mat. But getting thick makes heavy means reduce the merit of dry carbon. So we do very carefully to finish not to get heavy. ( see Extremely Lightweight section)

MAT coating   GLOSS coating

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